Sundance 2001



Sundance 2001 was fiery electric in the talent and the films that showed that year. Hedwig and the Angry InchDonnie Darko, and Memento place a lasting presence in the indie world. Donnie Darko has a cult following, Hedwig and the Angry Inch has shown that Broadway can crossover to film, and Memento is one of most mind bending thrillers. The Believer which won the dramatic jury prize award, would show us a young talent at that time, Ryan Gosling and really show us what he is capable of.


Whatever this year was about, it was about good films. With that in mind, I’m looking forward to catch the good ones at Sundance 2016 that will leave a lasting impression through their story, their filmmaking, their song, and their stars.


This coming week I will start choosing the films I want to see at Sundance 2016, and I will blog my process in this decision making.


This week, I also will analyze two early Sundance gems from 1985, Blood Simple (directed by Joel Coen) and Stranger Than Paradise (directed by Jim Jarmusch).




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