Anomalisa Magic

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Wow. What an experience. First of all the talk started with a 9 minute video analysis of the sex scene in Anomalisa, which was actually very interesting, because if you’ve seen the film, it’s surprising how true to life it is, and one of the most human like sex scenes even though it was done with puppets.

From there I learned a lot, on the panel was Charlie Kaufman, Duke Johnson (Co-Directors of Anomalisa), Joe Pasarelli, Cinematographer for Anomalisa, Rosa Tran (Producer of Anomalisa) and John Nein, was asking the questions, Senior Programmer at the Sundance Film Festival. I learned about the term “Uncanny Valley”, which was a term about how computer animated images represent art, and how there’s so much stigma about how animated films cannot go there, cannot represent adult themes, an be a true work of art. Well if you’ve seen Anomalisa you know that stigma is not true. Another thing I thought was beautiful about how they described the film is that they took all the things around what people do and say (like breathing) and brought life into this film and these puppets. You can watch two of my video clips on my instagram @chicagofilmlover82

Before I entered Cinema Cafe for the Q&A, I got to hang out in the Filmmakers Lodge, so much fun. Very chill and everyone here is so interesting. I met an awesome woman in the industry named Patti, she works for AFI in LA and and her gig is getting women filmmakers out there, I believe through promoting their films. So awesome. She also is a filmmaker herself. One movie she produced is “Some Girls” (2013) starring Adam Brody, Kristen Bell, and Zoe Kazan. Great connection and she’s going to start following CFLX!!!

Next, going to see Uncle Howard at the Egyptian Theatre. Stay tuned!!!


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